Kindergarten interior lighting

внутреннее освещение в детском саду

VARTON lighting equipment was installed in Krasnaya Shapochka Kindergarten No. 264. Within the framework of the project, old lamps were dismantled and new LED lamps for educational institutions were installed in group rooms and a music hall. It was necessary to provide uniform lighting with comfortable light for kids’ eyesight: not pale and bright at the same time.

The fact is that the kids’ eyesight is not fully formed, and improper lighting will have a negative impact on health in the future. The compliance of VARTON LED luminaires with legal regulations is confirmed by various certificates of mandatory and voluntary product quality testing.

Higher requirements are placed on kindergarten lighting not only by the standards of SanPiN, SNiP and others but also, above all, by parents of children. The regulations allow for differences in the level of artificial lighting in preschool educational institutions in different types of premises.

The gaming rooms and gymnasium were equipped with VARTON E070 luminaires with a capacity of 36V and a color temperature of 4000K with a spotlight diffuser.

In addition to the children’s vision protection function, the installed equipment provided kindergarten No. 264 with budget savings on electricity, as VARTON products are energy-saving.

освещение в детском саду
освещение в детском саду
освещение в детском саду

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