Medical Radiation Center

освещение в медицинском учреждении

When the company received an e-mail order for lighting equipment for a medical facility, employees took on the project with great responsibility. As a result, the Medical Radiation Center was fully lit up, including administration offices, medical offices, corridors and street lighting.

The first was the office of the accounting department where the management decided to test the new LED lighting fixtures and compare the lighting in their rooms with the already familiar lamps. After the lapse of time, the director of the institution asked to change the lamps in the entire building and the phased work on replacing the lighting throughout the center, including the parking lot, began.

VARTON luminaires from the respective product lines were used in the project for the
following compounds.

  • Administrative rooms in halls and administrative offices
  • Medical rooms in the specialists’ reception rooms
  • Street lighting in the parking lot

The lighting of such rooms follows the requirements of SanPiN (sanitary norms and
regulations) and SNIP (construction rules and regulations). Besides, the Hippocratic Oath does not allow the clinic specialists to treat their patients’ health with carelessness.

освещение в медицинском учреждении